Elicit Plant: the agrobiotech company for tackling water stress

Elicit Plant, a French agribiotechnology company formed in 2017, has developed a groundbreaking innovation that increases the physiological resilience of crops while preserving natural resources. Our innovative products stimulate the metabolism of plants through the use of plant-derived molecules known as phytosterols. Phytosterols help reduce water consumption. They also protect plants from water stress, helping them reach their full potential.

A rigorous scientific approach

Our innovation embraces and facilitates the shift toward greener agriculture. The studies carried out by Elicit Plant are based on a rigorous, leading-edge scientific approach rooted in fundamental research. This means that our experiments are conducted both in the laboratory and in the field. Our team of researchers, engineers and farmers operates a one-of-a-kind site in the Charente area of France, with a laboratory dedicated to the search for new biostimulants and located at the heart of an experimental farm-a situation that allows us to work in real conditions.

Elicit Plant inaugure son laboratoire de recherche où il développe une technologie de rupture dans la gestion du stress hydrique.
A team of researchers, engineers and farmers working together in a biostimulant research laboratory located on an experimental farm.

Yield gains of up to $240 per hectare

Initial results obtained on soybeans with our BEST-a product are exceptional-with yield gains over three years averaging 10 to 22%. Because physiological resilience is naturally activated, the plant’s water consumption is optimized.

On the farm scale, this natural alternative provides farmers with an opportunity to boost their income while preserving the ecosystem.

Increasing soybean yields by at least 20% and preserving the environment.

On a global scale, this technological innovation offers major potential. Increasing soybean yields by 20% or more without increasing acreage-while preserving the environment-is nothing short of revolutionary.

Reduced water stress

Elicit Plant aims to support farmers all over the world in the transition toward greener agriculture-by helping them do more with fewer resources.

By reducing the impact of water stress on sensitive crops such as soybean, Elicit Plant’s innovation will contribute to France’s protein independence.

The results obtained by Elicit Plant, in both the laboratory and the field, confirm the results obtained by public research laboratories regarding the effects of BEST-a on soybean. We have established partnerships with Terres Inovia technical institutes and with cooperatives such as Océalia and Euralis. The results: yield gains between 10 and 22% in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Elicit Plant is only waiting for BEST-a to be granted its marketing authorization-and then soybean farmers will be able to put this innovation to use in their own fields.

Elicit Plant is now working on extending its range of target crops. Very encouraging results obtained on corn will soon be announced. We are also working on solutions to reduce biotic stress.

les résultats au champ confirment ceux des laboratoires de recherche publics sur les effets de best a sur le soja
Results obtained in the field confirm those of public research laboratories regarding BEST-a’s effects on soybean

Experts and partnerships

Elicit Plant Research Center, located at the heart of a French farm, hosts engineers and researchers with a range of complementary skills. Our team works closely with laboratories linked to the CNRS and INRAE Research Institutes.

From France to the rest of the world

Through our major innovation that increases soybean yields despite water stress, Elicit Plants aim to take part in the development of an entire sector of the French economy—and facilitate France’s protein independence.

BEST-a soybean’s potential is, however, global-given that most soybeans are produced in South America. Elicit Plant’s expertise is available to serve farmers all over the world. Elicit Plant’s contribution to the greening of agriculture, which is made in the spirit of deep tech, will be particularly relevant on this global scale.

As it has done for soybeans, Elicit Plant develops specific products for crops grown in France with the aim of releasing them afterward to all nations that produce these crops.

Elicit Plant’s values

The farming way of life

Elicit Plant provides solutions that are designed by farmers, for farmers. Some of our team members are farmers, and our one-of-a-kind laboratory is located at the heart of a farm in the Charente area of France. Elicit Plant seeks to understand producers’ concerns in order to provide farm-friendly solutions that are practical, realistic, efficient and lucrative.

Solutions designed by farmers, for farmers.

Respecting the environment

Elicit Plant’s ambition is to offer efficient natural alternatives that help make farming greener. Our aim is to strike a balance between preserving natural resources and promoting modern agriculture.

Our collaborative scientific approach

Right from the beginning, Elicit Plant has looked resolutely outward to work in cooperation with scientific and technical partners. Trials and experiments are conducted with independent partners such as technical institutes and public laboratories. Sharing research results is one of the strong core values that Elicit Plant stands for-and a cornerstone of our long-term vision.

Technical and economic performance that offers a real advantage to farmers

To successfully navigate the transition toward greener farming, farmers need solutions that will support their income. This economic prerequisite has guided Elicit Plant’s research since day one.

Innovation for efficient natural alternatives

Between conventional and organic agriculture, Elicit Plant offers an innovative third way that offers efficient natural alternatives. Many so-called biostimulants simply do not live up to their promises. Elicit Plant provides a product-oriented approach that focuses on brand new, yield-boosting solutions with technical added value-solutions that aim to support the livelihood of farmers all over the world.