BEST-a Maize

BEST-a Soja est un produit d’Elicit Plant pour lutter contre le stress hydrique et augmenter les rendements en période de manque d’eau. AMM n°1210298.
BEST-a Maize Elicit Plant Elicit Plant
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  • To provide plants with an optimized water supply
  • To make soybean crops more profitable


A simple, efficient method

  • Dilution for spray solution: approximately 8.9 gallons per acre (dosage between 13.7 oz/acre and 41 oz/acre)
  • One application on the third trifoliate leaflets of soybean

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Elicits resistance

BEST-a Maize reduces water stress thanks to natural processes: this innovative, revolutionary product improves the physiological resilience of maize by stimulating their metabolism. This means that the plant is more likely to reach its potential even during periods of water stress or biotic stress. Once inside the plant, the phytosterols bring about reduced evapotranspiration. They also stimulate root development so that the plant can draw additional water resources. 

BEST-A Soybean Corn elicits plant resistance and performance.
These results were obtained with soybean as a “model” plant—but BEST-a can be used on either soybean or corn with similar results

Elicits performance

BEST-a Maize is different from ordinary biostimulants because it was developed through a scientific approach solidly supported by independent technical trials. The various open-field trials carried out over the last three years have shown yield gains of 10 to 22%. Under drought conditions, this level of performance helps protect yields by reducing the impact of a dry period, and for an irrigated system, it optimizes water use and reduces watering frequency.

Enhancing income for farmers

The technologies developed by Elicit Plant, and BEST-a Maize, are designed for farmers by farmers and by teams grounded in the farming culture. One of our aims is therefore to enhance the income earned by farmers. BEST-a can help-it provides a return on investment (ROI) of between 3 and 7.

Every dollar invested can bring $7 back to the farmer.

BEST-a improves the kinetics of water consumption by the plant

BEST-A improves the kinetics of water consumption by the plant
BEST-a application puts off the moment when the plant reaches its wilting point. Hence, it limits the effects of the water stress on the plant development.

Elicits progress

Our easy-to-use solution based on natural products can help your farming practices evolve. BEST-a has a density similar to that of water. It should be applied on the third trifoliate leaflets of soybean with a dosage between 13.7 and 41 oz/acre.

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