Drought Stress

Testimonial “The gain obtained with Best-a corn represents 3 to 4 times the investment in the product.”

Farmer and agricultural contractor Patrick Mounier is a satisfied user of Best-a corn. “This year, I’ve gained an extra 1,000 kg and €200 per hectare on average,” he remarks. “Best-a will now be part of our basic investments in all our corn production.” Commenting on the new Elicit Plant solutions for sunflowers and cereals, “if they’re equally effective, I’ll apply them across the board,” he adds.

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Based near the city of Angoulême in the Charente region of France, Patrick Mounier has his own 400-hectare farm where he grows field crops. He also runs an agricultural contracting firm, working on almost one thousand hectares. Despite access to water and the option of irrigation, his crops are regularly subject to severe water stress.

“A lot of the land can get very dry on my farm and on my customers’ farms,” Patrick explains. “The only way to ensure a good harvest is irrigation. But since we’re in a peri-urban area, the local population doesn’t agree with irrigation, and bans are frequent. So, I stop irrigating in August.”

In search of solutions to water stress

Looking for a solution, Patrick Mounier turned to Best-a-corn just over a year ago. He tested the product on large surface areas. “From the very first use, I noticed differences between the plots treated with Best-a and the others, but I didn’t measure the final result,” he says.

Keen to repeat the experience, Patrick conducted trials on strips of homogeneous soil, then measured yields at harvest. His verdict speaks for itself: “during growth, the differences weren’t obvious, but at harvest time, the yield sensor clearly showed a difference between the control and the corn protected by Best-a.”


Best-a corn is now a basic investment in every corn crop itinerary

The results are an extra 1,000 kilograms per hectare. “With an average gain of €200 per hectare, this represents three to four times the investment in the product,” enthuses Patrick. “What’s more, no additional applications are needed since you can easily apply BEST-a at the same time as another product in the corn crop itinerary.”

From now on, Best-a corn will be a standard investment for all Patrick Mounier’s corn production operations, both on his own plots and at his customers’ farms. “I’m also very interested in the new Elicit Plant products for sunflowers and cereals. If they’re equally effective, I’ll be tempted to apply them across the board,” he assures us.

“At harvest time, the yield sensor clearly showed a difference between the control and the corn protected by Best-a.”