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Developing resilient agriculture to mitigate climate change risks

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Protecting crops against climate change and water scarcity.

Elicit Plant helps crop growers around the world meet the challenges of climate change and the impact of water scarcity on field crops, with natural, high-performance solutions designed for agricultural practices.
Savings Plants better manage water with consumption reduced by 20% plus soil resources preserved. Resilience Unique mode of action using preventive application for a systemic, lasting effect throughout the cycle. Performance Field-proven results showing yields maintained despite periods of water shortage.
Elicit Plant drought stress product range
broad acre crops, Maize and wheat
Our solutions against drought stress

Elicit Plant develops solutions to cope with water shortages in broad acre crops

  • Improves plant physiological resilience through natural processes
  • Reduces water consumption by 20%
  • Limits water stress
  • Remarkable yield gains
  • On 3 major crops: Maize, Wheat, Sunflower

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A pioneer in eliciting plants’ natural defenses.

Unique technology based on phytosterols.

We exploit the potential of phytosterols, natural plant growth regulators at the very heart of strengthening plants’ natural defense mechanisms. We are the only company to have succeeded in formulating a product designed for agricultural practices.

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An advanced scientific approach on an experimental farm.

Our global applied research strategy combines experiments under controlled conditions in germination and cultivation chambers with trials in real farm-based conditions for results in the field.

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Discover our ESG commitments

ESG is a pillar at Elicit Plant. And with good reason: the company’s very project is based on environmental issues.

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