Drought stress in agriculture

Drought stress: an increasingly recurrent agricultural issue

In recent years, episodes of drought and heatwaves, exacerbated by climate-related hazards linked to climate change, are multiplying in frequency and intensity. For farmers, it is therefore necessary to adapt their farming practices to cope with drought stress. Cultivating with less water requires a balance that is not always easy to find.

As an expert in managing drought stress in large-scale crops, Elicit Plant provides you with elements and solutions, in various formats (white papers, magazines, videos, articles, etc.), to learn how to address this issue that is increasingly impacting farmers.

Through these freely accessible elements, understand the natural defense mechanisms of plants, discover how to choose varieties and species less sensitive to drought stress, and learn how to activate the right agronomic levers, such as using biostimulants, to optimize irrigation management and secure your yields.

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