Our ESG commitments

ESG policy is a huge part of the DNA of Elicit plant. More than a communication plan, it is an opportunity to formalize concrete actions.

Through ESG, companies consider environmental, social and ethical issues in their activities on a voluntary basis, going beyond regulatory requirements. It is a genuine lever for creating value based on a fully human dynamic.


Our ESG policy is based on 4 ambitions :

Securing spring barley, even when sowed late
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Sustainable development

Acting for the transition to a sustainable and soil-friendly agriculture

As regenerative agriculture is at the core of our ambition for a transition toward sustainable practices, our entire project is based on sustainable development. Thus, more than 50% of dry matter is derived from natural materials and the destruction rate of the finish product is inferior to 5%.

At Elicit Plant

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Our products are non-toxic.

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Our carbon footprint for 2022 is: 262.84t CO2 eq.

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Our website is environmentally friendly.

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Rainwater is collected.

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The dry matter content from natural materials is over 50%.

Elicit plant obtained the Lucie 26000 certification!Elicit Plant ISO 26000 Lucie

In June 2023, we were thrilled to obtain the ESG certification Lucie 26000. The certification represents a concrete expression of the values that united the founding partners of this company.


Our ambitions for 2024:

  • Measure: Because controlling our energy consumption is essential to our environmental efforts, our greenhouse gas (GHG) assessment is currently being conducted.
  • Achieve greater efficiency: By 2024, we plan to reduce our carbon footprint per employee by 10%.

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Valuing our employees as much as they contribute to our growth

At Elicit Plant, we are committed to the well-being of our teams : caring, equal opportunity and stability are fundamental to the balance of our activity.Our social and security committee and our department managers work tirelessly to ensure a safe and benevolent work atmosphere.

At Elicit Plant

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We are committed to employment stability: 92% of our employees have permanent contracts.

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Our recruitment is open and based on equal opportunities: 53% of our permanent contract employees are women, and 18% of our employees are seniors.

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We have established an Social and Economic Committee before it became mandatory for the company.

Our ambitions for 2024:

  • Increase flexibility: Because the balance between private and professional life is crucial for the well-being of our employees, we commit to ensuring that 100% of our employees can benefit from remote work by 2024.
  • Promote sports activities: By the end of 2023, we will launch our sports policy. Every employee will have the opportunity to engage in their chosen sports activity with a lunch break arrangement.

Scientific partners of Elicit Plant
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Contributing to local development

Everywhere we are implanted, Elicit plant must contribute to the local development. Indeed, we want our presence to be beneficial for local economies and communities in France, Brazil, and Ukraine.

At Elicit Plant

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We work with local farmers (within a 30 km radius).

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Wherever Elicit Plant is established, it is committed.

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Our headquarter is located in a rural area to promote the heritage and local development of our territory : the Charente region.

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In 2023, 100% of our repair work was carried out by local workers.

Our commitments for 2024:

  • Giving our time: Because in terms of commitment, it is important to give what we have the least of, we aim to dedicate time to volunteering through the company’s involvement in a cause. This project aligns with one of our commitments within the framework of the Label Lucie 26000.

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Economic and sustained development

Innovating to feed humanity sustainably

Our project is built on ethical values: for example, we promote a fair pricing policy for farmers, and we adopted a code of ethics for our employees. Through these actions, we aim to build together the path towards a sustainable agriculture, support our partners in the process of transition and promote a strong culture of corporate and agriculture responsibility.

Since 2022, 12500L of products have been donated to Ukrainian farmers.

At Elicit Plant

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We have established an ESG (Environmental Social Governance) committee.

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In alignment with our values, we promote an ethical and consumer-friendly economic model that respects our partners.

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We have signed and enforce a code of ethics within the company.

Suppliers policies icon

We have established lasting relationships with our suppliers and inquire about their ESG (Environmental Social Governance) policies, especially for the larger ones.

Fair price icon

We adhere to a fair pricing policy for farmers.