Best-a for Corn

Mitigates drought stress on corn crops

Preserve your corn yields during periods of water scarcity, thanks to the unique mode of action of Best-a.

Best-a for Corn is a product by Elicit Plant designed to combat drought stress and enhance yields during water scarcity.

MA : N°1210298.

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Best-a Maize for Corn Drought Stress
Product sheet Product sheet
Corn spike

Yield +570kg/ha*

Water use efficiency increased by 20%

Dry matter up to +2t/ha

Best-a objectives

  • Optimize water use efficiency
  • Maximize corn yields

Conditions of Use

  • Dosage :  1 L/ha
  • Spray mixture: approx. 100 L/ha
  • Single application at 6-10 leaves (BBCH 16-20)
  • Liquid, density close to water


* Average observed yield gain on 97 international trials from 2019 to 2022

* Adhere to a 2-hour rain-free period.


  • Can be mixed with fungicides, insecticides and certain herbicides. For further information regarding compatibility concerns, please consult with your technical advisor.
  • Ensure proper spraying conditions, including adequate humidity (>70%, or use of a wetting agent if otherwise) moderate temperature (6-25°C), and wind speed <19 km/h.

The product has been optimally formulated for practical use: easy to measure, with suitable texture, pleasant odor, non-toxic, and stable product.


Crop Dosage (L/ha) Number of application / year Application stage
Corn 1 1  6 – 10 leaves / BBCH stage 16-19
Savings Reduces water requirements Resilience Single application application with a lasting effect Performance Enhances your yields

Best-a harnesses the unique properties of phytosterols. These are natural substances which, when applied preventively, enhance plants’ ability to withstand critical periods of water scarcity, extending this resilience until harvest.
The plant maximizes water efficiency through a distinctive mode of action. By eliciting natural protective mechanisms,Best-a mitigates the impact of drought stress, thereby preserving the quality of the crop.

Best-a Maize

Reduces evapotranspiration

Allowing the plant to limit water loss.

Develops root growth

Allowing better access to soil water resources.

Optimizes availability of soil water resources

Soil water reserves are available for longer.

Decreases water consumption

While maintaining plant development.

Easy to use – Proven results –
Scientist working on phytosterols
Phytosterols of plants

Phytosterols at work.

Best-a Corn reduces water drought using natural processes: by virtue of how it works and its composition, this unique product improves the physiological resilience of corn by stimulating its metabolism. Once at the heart of the plant, phytosterols reduce evapotranspiration and stimulate root development, in order to draw on additional water resources. Applying Best-a therefore extends the time it takes for the plant to reach wilting point and suffer water drought. As a result, the plant can more easily fulfill its potential during periods of water shortage.

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