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World Water Day: Elicit Plant takes action for sustainable management of water resources

World Water Day is celebrated on March 22 each year. Founded at the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, this event has since brought together thousands of initiatives on every continent, particularly in the world of agriculture. It is a great opportunity to showcase solutions for optimizing water resources in crop production.

World Water Day: Elicit Plant takes action for sustainable management of water resources

Every March 22, World Water Day reminds us of the vital importance of freshwater despite it being far smaller in volume than our planet’s huge reservoir of saltwater. Water is essential to the life of every organism, but the effects of climate change on this resource are already visible, so we need to adapt our use of it.

Large quantities of water are used to support crop growth around the world, with the aim of guaranteeing sufficient yields to feed an ever-growing global population.

Difficulties maintaining sufficient yields

Changes in rainfall patterns and declining reserves are restricting access to water resources, while rising global temperatures are affecting plant evapotranspiration. In other words, plants are forced to absorb more and more water to maintain their growth… at a time when this resource is becoming increasingly scarce.

This directly links to the crucial issue of securing global food supply. 50% of the world’s calorie production is based on four essential crops: cereals, rice, corn and soy, all of which require water.

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Elicit Plant supports the objectives of World Water Day

Innovation is needed to meet the growing demand for water. A pioneer in developing solutions to combat water scarcity, Elicit Plant harnesses phytosterols and their action on plant metabolism. These natural molecules help crops to consume less water while maintaining high yields.

The use of phytosterols could contribute to transforming the agricultural landscape by reducing pressure on water resources. By helping farmers produce more efficiently with less water, Elicit Plant fully supports World Water Day and its objectives.

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