BEST-a Corn

Limits water drought on corn

Safeguard your corn yields despite periods of water shortage thanks to the unique action of BEST-a.

BEST-a Corn is an Elicit Plant product designed to combat water scarcity and boost yields during periods of water shortage. Marketing Authorization N°1210298.

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Product sheet Product sheet

Yield +5.7q/ha

Water consumption reduced by 10 to 20%

Dry matter up to +2t/ha

Best-a Corn objectives

  • Optimize plant water supply
  • Increase corn yields


  • Dose of 1 L/ha
  • Slurry around 100 L/ha
  • A single application at the 8/10 leaf
  • Liquid, density close to water
Easy to use – Proven results

Easy to use – Proven results:

BEST-a takes preventive action, helping the plant to anticipate and better cope with water shortage. Your yield potential is therefore preserved.BEST-a integrates perfectly into your usual crop growing schedule and can be applied as a foliar spray using your usual equipment. The product has been optimally formulated for practical use and is easy to dose, has a suitable texture, pleasant smell, no toxicity and is stable.

Takes preventive action

A single foliar application, at the 8-10 leaf stage, provides a lasting effect until plant senescence.

Improves yield components

Results observed report a stay green
effect, more rows per ear, more grains per row and a higher TGW.

Stimulates natural defenses

A unique mode of action that limits plant evapotranspiration, and stimulates root growth and leaf development.

Secures your income

By using BEST-a, you secure your crop investments

Preserves yields thanks to preventive action

Average yield gains of +5.7 q/ha have
been scientifically proven.

Phytosterols at work.

BEST-a Corn reduces water drought using natural processes: by virtue of how it works and its composition, this unique product improves the physiological resilience of corn by stimulating its metabolism. Once at the heart of the plant, phytosterols reduce evapotranspiration and stimulate root development, in order to draw on additional water resources. Applying BEST-a therefore extends the time it takes for the plant to reach wilting point and suffer water drought. As a result, the plant can more easily fulfill its potential during periods of water shortage.

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