Elicit Plant broadens its impact: cutting-edge drought stress solutions now available for major crops in 27 European Union countries

Elicit Plant proudly announces the release of two groundbreaking solutions against drought stress for major crops in the European market.

3 solutions against drought in broad-acre crops

As a pioneering agro-biotechnology company, Elicit Plant introduces EliSun-a and EliGrain-a, designed to combat drought stress in sunflowers and cereal crops. This announcement follows the approval of these solutions in all 27 European Union countries through the the 1009-2019 EU Regulation.

This approval marks a significant milestone for Elicit Plant, widening its impact by providing innovative solutions to tackle drought stress in major crops, covering a potential area of 48 million hectares. These new additions complete the already proven success of Best-a, dedicated to corn.

Jean-François Déchant, Co-founder and CEO of Elicit Plant
“Drought stress, a direct consequence of climate change, requires immediate solutions”

Jean-François Déchant, co-founder and CEO of Elicit Plant, expresses excitement about this progress, emphasizing that “drought stress, a direct consequence of climate change, requires immediate solutions. Best-a, EliSun-a, and EliGrain-a deliver outstanding performances to alleviate the effects of drought stress on major crops, contributing to the resilience of agriculture against climate fluctuations. We are delighted to make these solutions accessible to a large number of European farmers.”

Best-a, EliSun-a, and EliGrain-a have demonstrated exceptional performances, ensuring average yield increases of over 10%. Under optimal conditions, additional gains of over two tons have been observed. These solutions provide a crucial response to climate challenges, reinforcing agricultural resilience against weather uncertainties.