Elicit Plant makes a commitment to sustainable fuel during the State visit to Brazil

A look back at the State visit to Brazil and the signing of the partnership with Embrapa.

Participation in the official delegation with the President of the French Republic

Elicit Plant is honoured to have been one of the 10 French companies invited to take part in the official delegation accompanying the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, during his state visit to Brazil on 27 and 28 March.

Elicit Plant has been operating in Brazil for three years, demonstrating its commitment to innovation in response to local agricultural challenges. As part of a new initiative, Elicit Plant is investing nearly €5 million to develop a solution to support sugar cane cultivation. This initiative, capitalising on EliTerra® technological expertise and carried out in collaboration with local and international partners, aims to meet the challenges of drought and global warming.

Agreement with Embrapa to develop a sustainable sugar sector

During the State visit, Elicit Plant also announced a partnership with Embrapa, the Brazilian agricultural research institute, to develop the sugar sector in favour of sustainable fuel. The aim of this collaboration is to use Elicit Plant’s technology to increase agricultural productivity in a context of climate change.

This alliance demonstrates Elicit Plant’s and Embrapa’s commitment to tackling today’s challenges responsibly in order to move towards a more sustainable future.