Elicit Plant Unveils Platform to Reduce Crop Water Consumption

Elicit Plant, a global leader in biosolutions, has announced the acceleration of its scientific developments with the unveiling of EliTerra®, a groundbreaking technological platform aimed at reducing water consumption in field crops by up to 20%. This innovative platform presents a world-first solution set to bolster the marketing of Elicit Plant BioSolutions, designed with an environmentally friendly profile.

The Eliterra Platform

The company showcased its EliTerra® platform during the ChangeNOW Summit, an international environmental solutions event held in Paris from May 25 to 27, 2023. EliTerra® and its suite of products will enable crops to adapt to climate change, particularly in the face of drought. This development builds on the success of Elicit Plant’s inaugural product, BEST-a, which allows the corn to consume up to 20% less water.

Francesc Llaurado of Lainco Agro, a Mediterranean-based agronomist expert, emphasized the global demand for such solutions within the agricultural sector in light of climate change. Llaurado encouraged the global agricultural community to embrace these innovative solutions, emphasizing the need to adapt practices to the agroecological transition and better preserve resources and agricultural yields.

Elicit Plant’s EliTerra® technology platform is a product of extensive research on phytosterols, which are proven crucial for stress resistance in row crops such as corn, wheat, and soybeans. The company’s laboratories and scientific partners have identified new formulations composed of different phytosterols that effectively counteract the impact of climate change on various significant crops.

Benoit Poinssot, a Research Professor at the UMR Agroecology (INRAE, University of Burgundy, Institut Agro Dijon), highlighted that phytosterols are not a generic solution and their effectiveness on crops depends on their diversity and combination. He praised the EliTerra® platform for its significant potential for product development.

As part of its commitment to creating sustainable solutions, Elicit Plant aims to aid agriculture in feeding the world’s population despite the challenges posed by climate change. Philippe Merle, Director of the Agriculture Division at the Océalia cooperative (New Aquitaine), lauded the effectiveness of BEST-a Maize and expressed optimism for the upcoming prototypes of the EliTerra® platform.

Phytosterols are plant lipids, part of the primary metabolism of living organisms, and essential to their survival. They play a central role in regulating cell membrane fluidity and permeability, assisting in plant growth and enabling plants to adapt to environmental changes. The focus on phytosterols underscores Elicit Plant’s commitment to leveraging nature’s resources to develop practical, sustainable solutions for agriculture in an era of climate change.


Source of the article : https://igrownews.com/elicit-plant-unveils-platform-to-reduce-crop-water-consumption/