On the second anniversary of France 2030, Elicit Plant is honoured as a company of strategic importance by the French President

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the France 2030 investment programme, Elicit Plant was selected, along with 7 other France 2030 prize-winning companies, to illustrate the success of this plan and embody the future of the agro-ecological transition in agriculture. We were honoured to be able to present our innovations in the agricultural sector at the celebration of this event in Toulouse, in the presence of French President Emmanuel Macron, focusing on the challenges of climate change and food sovereignty.

Elicit Plant is honoured as a company of strategic importance by the French President

Agriculture is at the heart of President Macron’s priorities and is recognised as the cornerstone of economic and food sovereignty. In the face of the climate emergency, Elicit Plant was chosen from among 3,200 France 2030 projects to share with the Head of State its innovations, whose scientifically proven effectiveness is already being deployed internationally to mitigate the effects of climate change on agriculture.

Following a presentation of our technology by Aymeric Molin, COO of Elicit Plant: “Our company offers an innovative solution, based on 40 years of research into the role of phytosterols in plant physiology, which reduces plant water consumption by 20%”, Olivier Goulay, VP International Development, emphasised the importance of the French government’s support in the development of our project: “Above all, it’s France’s recognition of the strategic importance of our unique technology, which has opened doors for us all over the world. We’re proud to have achieved more than 50% of our sales from exports this year, to countries such as Brazil, Ukraine, Spain and Poland, which suffer from recurrent droughts.

Elicit Plant, selected as one of the 8 companies to embody the success of the 2030 Plan, is affirming its commitment to a resilient and sustainable agricultural future. We intend to embody the spirit of France 2030 by combining research and industry to become a world leader in the fight against climate change in the agricultural sector.

Watch Aymeric Molin and Olivier Goulay’s speech