A huge success for the International climate risk prevention day!

Faced with the urgency of climate change, Elicit Plant organized a day of international conferences on the impact of water shortages on agriculture, at Vilhonneur, Charente, on Tuesday September 19.

International Day Climate risk prevention Elicit Plant

The aim? Bring together recognized industry professionals and media from all over the world to take stock of climate change and the solutions to be put in place collectively, to limit the impact on agriculture, in order to ensure food security for an ever-growing population.

After a warm welcome by our directors and co-founders Jean-François Déchant and Aymeric Molin, the festivities began with an introduction by Alain Rousset, President of the Conseil Régional de Nouvelle-Aquitaine, who honored us with his presence.

Heïdi Sevestre, glaciologist and member of “The explorer club”, then brilliantly kicked off the debates on the climate emergency, the direct impact of melting ice on the weather and the need to find solutions to guarantee food security.

A first round table on the impact of agronomic risks and their consequences on field crop yields then enabled Mark Trimmer, CEO Dunham & Trimmer market research, Pam Maronne, entrepreneur and innovation consultant for organic products, Francesc Llaurado, CEO Lainco Agro & Sirius Agribusiness and Felipe Sulzbach, Head of Elicit Plant Brazil, to shed light on the situation in their respective countries and the solutions available.

Mark Trimmer, whose business is to provide market research and strategic advice for the global biostimulants, biopesticides and biofertilizers markets, gave us an overview of solutions for managing water stress in field crops.

A second round table brought together Michael Horsch, founder of Horsch, Christophe Richardot, Managing Director of Dijon Céréales and Alliance BFC, Stéphane Marcel, Chief Digital Officer Invivo Group and Aymeric Molin, Managing Director – Co-founder of Elicit Plant, to discuss complementary solutions and innovations for improving yields under water stress conditions.

Finally, Elicit Plant’s management took advantage of the excitement of the day and the presence of more than 100 guests, distributors and journalists, to announce an important milestone in Elicit Plant’s development: the forthcoming release of two new products, EliSun-a for sunflower cultivation and EliGrain-a for spring barley.

Thank you to our speakers for the quality of their messages, and to the guests who attended, both on site and online, making this day a success and another step towards a resilient and prosperous agricultural future.