Elicit Plant announces the launch of two new products

Building on the success of BEST-a corn, Elicit Plant continues to grow with the European launch of two new products, EliSun-a for sunflowers and EliGrain-a for straw cereals.

On International Climate Risk Prevention Day on September 19, Elicit Plant brought together global experts and agro-industrial professionals to address the challenges of climate change impact on agriculture and discuss solutions.

On this occasion, we announced the deployment of our dedicated corn solution, BEST-a, in Brazil, Ukraine and throughout Europe by the end of the year, but above all the forthcoming launch in Europe of our two latest products, EliSun-a and EliGrain-a.

EliSun-a compared to untreated-EN

EliSun-a, dedicated to sunflower cultivation, aims to stimulate the plant’s root growth, enabling it to access a greater water reserve, but also to obtain more fertilized grains and better grain filling thanks to its natural active ingredient. It will be available to order from our network of distributors and partners throughout Europe from December 2023.

EliGrain-a compared to untreated-EN

EliGrain-a, a new product dedicated to straw cereals, offers much the same promise as its sunflower counterpart: increased root growth and volume of fertilized grain, better grain filling and reduced risk of lodging.

EliGrain-a will be available in Europe in 2024 with an initial launch for spring barley in France in December 2023 (like the EliSun-a).

EliGrain-a for winter wheat will be available in Europe in about 12 to 18 months.


This announcement reaffirms the company’s commitment to providing high-performance solutions to alleviate water stress in field crops worldwide.