Elicit Plant announces the launch of EliSun-a: The new agro-ecological innovation that increases sunflower yields

During its International Climate Risk Prevention Day on 19 September, Elicit Plant brought together experts from across the globe and agro-industry professionals to discuss the challenges posed by the impact of climate change on agriculture and to examine the solutions.

Sunflower field

During this event, the company announced the roll-out of its unique corn solution, BEST-a, in Brazil, Ukraine and throughout Europe by the end of the year, as well as the launch in Europe of a new innovation specially designed for sunflowers: EliSun-a. This announcement confirms the company’s commitment to provide high-performance solutions to alleviate water stress in field crops across the world, while fostering synergistic cooperation with other cropping techniques.


Reasons for a state of emergency in corn, cereals and soya beans


Water stress1 is an immediate effect of present-day climate change. It threatens the major agricultural production regions and mainly affects field crops which, due to their size, cannot fully benefit from integrated irrigation systems, as is the case for specialized crops.

This imbalance is all the more worrying because 50% of the world’s calorie intake relies upon just four crops: cereals, rice, corn and soya beans. These crops are often neglected in the fight against drought and if the right solutions are not found, our food security will be threatened. More than ever, our ambition is to fast-track the agricultural world’s adaptation to manage the rapid changes brought about by climate change,” explains Aymeric Molin, farmer and co-founder of Elicit Plant.


BEST-a corn is ready to establish itself a leader in Europe, following in the footsteps of its remarkable success in France, Ukraine and Brazil.


In light of its accomplishments in France, Brazil and Ukraine, BEST-a, which limits water stress in corn, is now ready to conquer the European Union. Faced with a series of climatic challenges, BEST-a has rapidly earned its place as a key ally for corn field-crop farmers. Its ability to maintain yields during periods of water stress makes it a unique solution on the market. After rising to become market leader in France, Brazil and Ukraine, the product will now be marketed across the European Union by the end of the year.

The unique performance delivered by BEST-a is undeniable, with yield gains reaching up to one ton on average in optimal conditions. The product’s mode of action guarantees consistent performance that is unique on the market, irrespective of the environment. The returns on investment witnessed by farmers in France and across the globe are considerable and we are working with co-operatives and distributors to ensure that farmers get a three-fold return on their investment. By the end of 2023, the product will be available throughout Europe. At present, 300,000 hectares of land will have been treated with our product. In terms of sales forecasts, we anticipate a sharp increase on last year, with figures up to seven times higher than the previous 12 months,” concludes Jean-François Déchant, CEO of Elicit Plant.

As such, BEST-a is emerging as a genuine asset for modern, responsible agriculture, delivering significant advantages in maintaining yields in spite of the challenges posed by water stress.


EliSun-a, the new innovative solution for protecting sunflower crops


The launch of EliSun-a, which is dedicated to sunflower plants, is the culmination of six years of research. By focusing on the development of phytosterol-based agro-ecological innovations, Elicit Plant is once again offering a new technology adapted to large-scale agriculture, thus delivering significant yields from extensive sunflower crops against a critical backdrop of climate change.

EliSun-a will be available to order from the network of distributors and partners throughout Europe from December 2023. Therefore, farmers will be able to look forward to the 2024 season with ease.

There are more than 200 different phytosterols in nature. Each one is stress-specific and species-specific. Our technology platform (called EliTerra®) has enabled us to develop a new solution that is fully adapted to sunflowers. By 2025, we will also be able to provide new products for straw cereals. Marketing authorization applications are currently ongoing. Elicit Plant continues to innovate and remains committed to cultivating a resilient and prosperous agricultural future,” states Jean-François Dechant.

1 water stress in a plant takes place when it does not receive enough water to meet its critical needs. This can lead to physiological damage, slow growth and even death if the situation persists.


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