Elicit Plant Joins Top 100 Most Strategic French Companies

ELICIT PLANT, a leading Agri-tech company and participant in the French Tech Agri 20 program, has been recognized as one of France’s 100 most strategic and innovative companies by 2030. This recognition comes as part of the French Tech 2030 program, one year after ELICIT PLANT joined the French Tech Agri 20 program.

The French General Secretariat for Investment, which governs the France 2030 program, selected ELICIT PLANT following a rigorous review process, which included assistance from all French government departments and Bpifrance. ELICIT PLANT is known for its pioneering role in mitigating the impact of climate change on agriculture, mainly focusing on field crops such as corn, wheat, soy, and sunflower.

The French Tech 2030 program aims to provide extensive public support to around 100 innovative companies amid fierce international competition. The goal is to propel these companies to global leadership by 2030 through financial support from France 2030 operators and non-financial measures such as export assistance, business opportunities, global economic influence strategies, and increased visibility.

ELICIT PLANT has already gained international recognition for developing the first phytosterol-based ecological innovation for the agricultural industry. This unique, widely available technology allows for significant crop yield increases, a critical consideration in changing climatic conditions.

With several French regions already grappling with drought conditions before the summer season, public authorities have imposed water restrictions in certain areas. ELICIT PLANT is combatting this issue with its pioneering use of phytosterols, which helps the field crop industry manage water stress.

Their flagship product, BEST-a, designed for corn production, reduces water consumption by up to 20%. The product enjoys high demand in France, Brazil, and Ukraine, with over 100 cooperative customers.

In 2023, ELICIT PLANT plans to distribute its innovation to 100 coops and distributors, reaching an estimated 100,000 corn growers and 10 million hectares of corn in France, Brazil, and Ukraine.

The company is also developing new products for cultivating wheat and barley in Europe, sunflower in Ukraine, and soybeans for the Brazilian market through their EliTerra® technological platform at their open-field laboratory in Moulins-sur-Tardoire. They are also seeking marketing authorization in the United States.

Jean-François Déchant, Co-founder and CEO of ELICIT PLANT expressed pride in joining the French Tech 2030 program. “Our mission is to help the field crop industry worldwide address climate change… There is an urgent need to provide innovative solutions to growers, and we are proud to be able to contribute effectively to the necessary agricultural transition with high-performance, reliable products that respect our environment,” said Déchant.


Source of the article : https://igrownews.com/elicit-plant-joins-top-100-most-strategic-french-companies/