The EliTerra® research platform

EliTerra, Technologic Platform

EliTerra, Elicit Plant’s technology platform

Discovery Process
Know more about Phytosterols

Significant research potential

  • A multitude of phytosterols exist, and each plant species has different combinations that it uses to respond to stress.
  • Our researchers select and develop the most effective formulation depending on the solution required and the results we want to achieve in farmers’ fields.
There is not one but many phytosterols. In nature, there are more than 200, each is stress-specific and species-specific. Phytosterols are by no means a universal generic solution, and how well they perform on crops depends not only on their diversity, but also on how they are combined and, of course, the formulation. The EliTerra® platform therefore offers huge potential for product development.

Using metabolome, transcriptome and phenotypic analysis technologies, Elicit Plant conducts research to select natural active ingredients targeting environmental stresses.

In Elicit Plant’s laboratories and cultivation chambers, scientists and agronomists work together to screen different phytosterol balances, understand how our active ingredients work, and identify the respective physical and biological processes targeted by phytosterol-based substances.

The EliTerra® technology platform is the result of this research into phytosterols and their role in stress resistance among field crops (corn, wheat, barley, sunflower, soybean, etc.).

The Eliterra Platform
  • The discovery and validation process used by Elicit Plant’s laboratories and its scientific partners has led to the identification of new formulations composed of different phytosterols to specifically and effectively combat the impact of climate change on several field crops.
  • The potential for developing new stress-specific and species-specific products using the EliTerra® technology platform is huge. The ensuing product roadmap will enable us to reach out to a wide range of crops on every continent.