Scientific partnerships

Scientific partnerships and performance validation

Agronomy field measurement
From lab to field
A scientific and collaborative approach
Chemistry Phytosterol Plants

A pioneering R&D team

  • biology and chemistry research scientists,
  • agronomy experts,
  • plant biology and formulation laboratories on a precision farm

They are pioneers in controlling phytosterols applied to crops in the field to reduce stress, particularly water stress.

Our scientific partners

Accelerating research work
Validating the results obtained

  • Collaboration with recognized technical and scientific partners, including the French public research institutes INRAE and CNRS
  • Collaboration with cooperatives such as Océalia and independent technical institutes such as Terres Inovia to confirm the effects of our first products

These scientific partnerships and collaborations with independent bodies have since been extended to include numerous international research institutes and universities. This has helped us to validate the solution’s applicability and the results obtained both in the lab and, most importantly, in the field, i.e. under farming conditions..

Proven performance in all soil and climate conditions

At Elicit Plant, we develop effective solutions based on farmers’ needs and requirements. To this end, we have been conducting field trials on very large surface areas since 2018.

Agronomists working in the fields

When we evaluate our product in the field, the decision-making process goes far beyond data analysis.

Our agronomists work closely with farmers to improve crop performance, based on regular observation and measurement of plants grown under real conditions, enabling us to precisely determine the conditions under which the product will be effective for end users.


Every season, our products undergo in-depth field testing to guarantee real-world performance while responding to specific geographical features and different soil and climate conditions.

The success of our approach is based on two key features:

  • field observations in a wide variety of situations by agronomists who understand farmers’ needs,
  • a vast network of trials to ensure product profitability under regional conditions.