Science and technology

Science and technology

Stimulating plant metabolism through the use of phytosterols

Elicit Plant specializes in supplying phytosterols to plants. These phytosterols pass through the cuticle and the plasma membrane of plant cells. Once inside the plant, they reinforce the plant’s natural adaptation system to help it cope with stress. The plant then restricts its water loss due to evapotranspiration and stimulates its own root development so that it can draw the water resources it needs for growth. Elicit Plant’s unique technology therefore makes it possible to improve the yields of crops under stress.


Phytosterols are well-known plant lipids that have been studied for years. These components of plant cells play a key role in the natural protection mechanisms of plants. In particular, they are responsible for activating the plant’s resistance to a wide range of stresses, including water stress.

Bringing plant potential to life through a groundbreaking innovation

Improving the physiological resilience of crops

Elicit Plant’s innovative technology improves the physiological resilience of crops by stimulating their metabolism. This means that the plant is more likely to reach its potential even during periods of water stress or biotic stress. Crops exposed to climate change can be produced more serenely. Through our efficient natural alternatives, Elicit Plant aims to support farmers around the world by providing them with solutions for a successful ecological transition.

From the laboratory to the field

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In order to develop its unique approach based on delivering phytosterols to crops, Elicit Plant is located in the Charente, at the heart of an agricultural region and on the premises of a farming operation. Our agribiotechnology center features a one-of-a-kind laboratory of more than 6000 square feet that focuses on the development of new biostimulants. A germination chamber, growth chambers and other components enable the precise control of the conditions used in our tests and experiments. Our research is conducted in partnership with laboratories such as the CNRS and the INRAE.

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Elicit Plant is committed to a collaborative scientific approach.

Trials are carried out in real conditions on our experimental farm, using the latest techniques of precision agriculture. Elicit Plant has initiated a collaborative scientific approach with cooperatives such as Euralis and Océalia and with independent technical institutes such as Terres Inovia in order to confirm the effects of its first product, BEST-a soybean.

The Elicit Plant scientific approach applied to soybeans

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